10 ways you can make your home smarter and more efficient

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The use of modern technology can help home owners to make their lives easier by reducing work, stress and worries.

It’s exactly why the dishwasher, the washing machine and the car were invented – and now, smart home technology can go even further, improving efficiency of energy for both the home and the home owner.

Smart solutions can increase your living quality significantly, whether in the living room, kitchen, at home entertainment or even in the garden. Here are 11 smart ideas that should not be missing in any smart home.

1. Networking of lighting and temperature controls

Thanks to the possibilities of smart technology, classic building functions such as lighting, shading and heating can be controlled automatically and according to the current situation. Imagine coming home to a warm (or cool!) and warmly lit home – simply because your home knows you are returning from work.

2. Light suitable for the time of day and mood

A dream for everyone – no matter if you get up early or a night owl: the light in the kitchen depends on the time of day. Gone are the days of bright lighting in the cooking area. Let yourself gently wake up in the morning while brewing coffee and enjoy a cosy, atmospheric light, or sit back in the evening such as in this dining room lit by Philips Hue lighting.

3. Secure smart key and door lock system

Smart keys are the latest in home security, such as this encrypted Smart Doorlock from Netatmo. Lost the key? It cannot be used without your phone. Need a spare for a friend? Easy, download the app and activate a new set of smart keys.

4. Fully automated folding walls

Regardless of whether it’s an apartment, home or a terrace – all living spaces can be smartly designed. This home uses innovative folding walls to bring the outside in.

5. Retrofitting to a smart home

The smart home can be retrofitted without any problems. At home, you benefit from functions such as shading through roller shutters, heating control, light control, garage and gate control, surveillance, alarm system, access control and external cameras as well as presence simulation.

6. Connected door intercom

Intercoms have come a long way – did you know you can use an Alexa as an intercom? Here’s a cool video from Amazon that shows you how.

7. Smart garden design

A smart home also includes a smart garden: the fully automated irrigation of your lawn, raised bed, hedge or shrubs relieves you of a lot of work and worries. Furthermore, practical lighting technology can also be installed in the garden. The use of a robotic lawnmower rounds off the intelligent garden.

husqvarna automower

8. Smart security = peace of mind

The areas of building security, multimedia and living comfort are also covered by the smart home and ensure an increase in quality of life, security and energy efficiency.

9. Building control and energy management

Your smart home can help you save energy costs. By installing solar panels, and utilising intelligent regulation of lighting, heating and ventilation and more your home can help you to reduce energy use.

home with solar panels

10. Power your home with a vehicle-to-home capable electric car

In Japan, the Nissan Leaf is used as a mobile battery because it has vehicle-to-home capabilities. This will become available in more regions and more vehicle models in time, and it will make more sense to buy a car (basically a battery on wheels) than a home battery.

nissan leaf charging

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