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Intel’s Moovit enters Australia with Adelaide Metro deal

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Intel-owned Moovit is setting up office in Sydney on the back of a deal with the Adelaide Metro to provide trip planning services to city residents and visitors.

Moovit’s smartphone app, which helps commuters find the most suitable route for any planned journey, is already used by more than 800 million people in 3,200 cities across the world according to the company.

Now, backing up its deal with the South Australian capital which will see the Moovit app replace the city’s previous app, metroMATE, which had garnered low ratings in the iOS and Google Play stores.

Moovit, which has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating in Apple’s app store, offers a range of accessibility features including talkback, voiceover, and low vision cabilities as well as the ability to identify wheelchair-accessible routes.

It will be a big improvement on the state’s old metroMATE app according to South Australian minister for lransport, infrastructure and local government Stephan Knoll who announced the state’;s decision tyo move over to Moovit.

“This is another part of our strong plan to help keep South Australians safe and deliver a better and more convenient journey on public transport in response to the COVID pandemic,” said Knoll in a statement.

“By providing better, faster and more accurate information we are empowering public transport customers to make better decisions about their journeys, providing a better service. The current metroMATE app isn’t providing a satisfactory service to public transport customers and they’ve rated it extremely poorly.

“That’s why we are utilising three new apps which provide a must better, faster and more accurate user experience and, also revamping the Adelaide Metro website.

According to Knoll, the Moovit app will be utilised along with NextThere which will display departnure information, and Transit, which shows real-time arrivals. Together, the three apps specialise in the sought-after features such as bookmarked journeys, stop selection and the journey planner.

“They will also provide include trip planning for combined travel journeys, the ability to save favourite journeys and sync across devices, and the ability to tailor your travel by convenience, time, carbon emissions and other factors,” said Knoll.

With more than 80 million journeys per year taken on Adelaide’s transport network, the partnership will see 1.3 million Adelaide residents benefit from the improved Moovit interface.

The opening of the Sydney headquarters will allow Moovit to further develop relationships within the Australia and New Zealand region, says Yovav Meydad, chief growth and marketing officer at Moovit.

“As part of our expansion and the reinforcement of our offering in Australia and New Zealand, it is important for us to further develop this rapidly-growing market,” said Meydad in a statement.

“Our mission has always been about simplifying urban mobility for all. Our physical presence in Sydney will be advantageous for the municipalities,
transport authorities, and private companies we partner with. Partnering with Adelaide Metro will help make urban mobility easier for riders, reduce congestion, grow ridership, and overall keep the city of Adelaide moving.”

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